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ScottieMix - What Is It? is a brand new music-mixing service, provided by DJs for DJs. Using advanced computer software, we can create your complete DJ set on a single MP3 file (or CD...or WAV file). It's the ideal back-up for those unplanned moments when your equipment decides to expire or freeze without reason. Just think...your iPod could have your entire night's music standing by, continuously might save your professional reputation!
ScottieMix not only offers complete DJ sets, we can also re-edit individual 12" version songs to make them more suitable for commercial crowds, such as weddings, etc.

ScottieMix - Who Uses Us?

We are a new service for 2009 and formed after demand from fellow DJs to provide similar mixes to the ones that we use on the road. Currently supplying three popular Essex function DJs with their background soundtracks and some re-edited 80's 12" singles. Our mixes can also be heard on every Saturday night on the Mikey Porter 'Boogie Inferno' show...we provide the 12" Sandwiches!

Music Licensing - Our Stance

ScottieMix provides a music-mixing service, so all of the tracks required must be owned and supplied by you. ScottieMix does not sell any music whatsoever, and does not retain any tracks provided by third parties. We have quite enough music of our own, thank you! You are paying solely for our time and engineering skills....the responsibilities of licensing and public performance are down to you.

For more details, please call DJ Ian Scott on 07798 753639

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